Your Website Leaks up to 70% Of Potential Customers

Let us prove it to you. We will expose some of the main issues driving away potential customers from your website and show you how to fix them.

I must say, I'm really awed, we were always spending money on digital marketing to grow our new Pizza Delivery brand, but never really got going and were struggling to measure the impact of our ads. Pluralcode redesigned our website to capture leads through our discount promo and also setup a mobile app that let's us track and measure conversion growth on our websites day to day, our conversion rates increased by 30% after 2 months.


Tunde Jason
Team Lead, Hot Slice Pizza.

Your Website Is Leaking Money.

Most companies lose up to 70% of their online customers because of problems on their website, in fact most entrepreneurs like yourself are not even aware of how many people go to yor website everyday, and how many of them walk away confused or annoyed. Stop leaving money on the table, stop letting your website and your marketing leak customers. That's why we are here.

We have helped startups and SMEs recover millions in leaking profits. While most agencies simply create the most basic website and leave you to your fate, we make it our duty to get revenue flowing through those websites. Through a combination of Analytics, User Experience skills and Sales Funnel expertise, we make your website become an engine that converts visitors into profits for your business.

What your website should do for you.

Inform & Adjust

The time has gone when your website just sits around doing nothing and costing you money. Today's website should allow you to look directly into the minds of your visitors, and help you convert them into profitable customers, if it does not do this, you online marketing budget is largely wasted. Below is a non-negotiable breakdown of what your website ought to do for you.

Show Everything

You have a record of everyone who walks into your company, what they do, what they buy, and why they leave without buying, your website should do the same.


Your website isn't a newspaper, it needs to respond and adjust to the behaviour of your visitors, and the targets of your marketing campaigns.

Guide & Convert

Through content, funnels, responsive calls-to action etc, your website needs to be your receptionist, customer service and sales rep. all at once.

It's a new age, a new era in technology, and your website and online business must change in order to compete and profit. Let us review your website right away and show you what to do!

We were always struggling to make make sale despite thousands of visitors to our websites every month. But now that's over, we are now able to trac activities on our website, and doubled our leads thanks to assistance from PluralCode.


Ukpabi Ude
CEO, Rocafellaz Digital.

What We Do For You

Our job is simple, we leverage our vast talents in User Experience design and Behavioural Analytics to get into the minds of your website visitors, find out why they keep leaving, and then implement solutions that entices them to become your customers.

Websites That Convert

Whether you need a new website or you have one that isn't performing at all, we work to deliver a website or mobile app that not only converts your visitors to customers, but also lets you see everything that your visitors are doing on it.

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Analyze User Data

Using quant. and qual. analysis, we constantly look at what your visitors are doing on your website, find leaks and loopholes in your funnel and fix them, allowing you to double your customer base efficiently and with less money spent.

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Optimize & Upgrade

Your website needs to always change along with your marketing campaigns and goals, sadly most website designers do not consider this. We look at the underlying logic behind your website's layouts to look for issues with responsivenss and adaptability.


If you want your online business to profit, you cannot afford to be blind to what goes on in your website. We give you access to tools that show you in-depth summary of user behaviour on your website, and we deliver weekly summary and recommendations as well.


Make a Change Today

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